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Vegas... Vegas ... Vegas!

06 May, 2018

From Mt. Charleston, to the strip, all the way to Fremont st, my heart is in Las Vegas. When I briefly lived in Vegas several years ago, I truly learned a lot about myself. I found strength in my solitude, life in getting to know myself all over again. On May 26th, I will embark on that journey once more. I will be loading up my car and saying goodbye to the Midwest. Goodbye to friends, family, hobbies. I find as we get older we must evolve into a better version of ourselves. The best version of me was always found in Las Vegas. Something about waking up to sunlight just changed my perspective on life. I felt energized to go out and do new things. Upper midwest winters can be brutal. All of the clouds, and lack of sunlight just sucked the life right out of me. So as I close one chapter in my life, I am finishing a chapter I once started. 

I find change to be really scary. I have always been the typo of woman susceptible to change, but fearing the unknown makes me nervous. As many of you know, I like to plan. I believe in having back up plans, for back up plans. This time will be so different. I am taking a leap of faith for my own wellbeing. Trusting God, and the universe to make sure that everything is okay. Trusting blindly has always been hard for me. To place my life, and happiness, to chance will be difficult, but I know it’s for the best. I look forward to leaving my past behind, and starting a new future. So Vegas here I come!


Your Amorous Assistant of Adventure,

Andrea Davis 


I am not Burger King, you can't have it your way!

06 Sep, 2017

Hey Guys, 


I hope everyone has had a great summer. I know I have greatly enjoyed being outside. My only complaint was not playing as much golf as I would have liked to play. 

I am am pretty sure you are all wondering about this blog entries headline. You got it, I am not Burger King. Over the course of time as a companion you come to realize that you change. You are constantly evolving as a person. With personal change sometimes come change in business practices. I have always been very open and honest about my screening requirements. Whenever they change and you have Pre-Screened with me I notify you of the change. I try my best to keep all of my friends fully informed. 

As a women, I can fully admit when I make mistakes, but when I am not in the wrong, I prefer to not be called a liar. In other words, if you aren't willing to comply with my choice of screening, please don't waste my time. I will not change my requirements for you. If I require Jesus to screen, I expect the same from you. Thinking you can get around my screening is not an option. I have an auto response for a reason that says if you don't properly fill out my form you will not get a response. 

Gentlemen, please remember a ladies time is valuable. In business, you would always respond to an email that someone sent you. What makes you think this is any different. I find it so rude, when I respond back to someone and they don't respond back to my email. If you can't show respect to me, then I can't see you. I pour my heart and soul into my clients and I would like to be given respect. 




Did you get my Confirmation Email....

21 Jul, 2017

Hey Everyone, 

So I started sending out confirmation emails. After you have been screened you will receive a confirmation email from me. This will give details about the day of our appointment as well as information about how to take care of any deposits that may be needed. 


Happy Summer,



Who am I?

28 Feb, 2017

In a world where boards and reviews try to dominate who women are as companions it makes me stop and think. I obviously know that I am not my reviews, but it's deeper than that. When I first became a provider reviews were mainly used to know that a companion looked like her pictures, and the fact that they were not going to rob you. Today is a whole different situation. I personally feel like women change who they are just for a number. Like boards dictate who they are as people. A part of me just breaks because they have been made to feel like being just them isn't good enough. So that brought me to the question of Who am I? 


I am Andrea Davis, no more, no less. I sometimes come off as a bit harsh, but once you get to know me I am very compassionate. I care a lot about people, I have a passion for cooking. I love to "hoecialize" as one of my friends calls it. Meeting other women in this industry is a fun time. When I started providing the almighty dollar was the backbone of why I kept being a provider. Today I just love what I do. Making connections with people is great. Getting to know who people are and what makes them, them is amazing. I find that I spend a lot of time chatting, emailing, and texting those that I click with. Since playing games is not on my list, I try to steer clear of too much communication before we meet. I do understand that seducing someone before they meet you can be intriguing, but for me I prefer to do that in person. I want people to see me because of who I am as a woman. My sarcasm, tomboyishness, and outright caring heart. 

So over the next couple of months I will get more into Who am I? So look out for it! 


I am Andrea and I am your Seductive Concierge!! 


Join My Mailing List:

11 Jan, 2017

Being on My mailing list has its perks! You are able to find out my travel schedule as well as Specials only available to my mailing list members! 


January Mailing list members receive 75 off Seductive Concierge appts. Or 25 off Kings Massage or Nuru Massage!! 


Stop the clock!!!

17 Dec, 2016

Are you looking for a daytime getaway? 

Are you looking to make a genuine connection with someone? 

So let's try my stop the clock. This is a daytime getaway. It's only available Monday-Friday. We can start as early as 10am and finish as late as 5pm. 

Please note that if we plan on hanging out longer than 2.5hr we must break for a light meal. I am a great cook! 

Lets play hooky and get to know each other. This is incall only! 

Please scedule your stop the clock 24hrs in advance. Same day appointments may be available but not guaranteed.

Stop the clock: 550 


Changes in 2017!!!

19 Nov, 2016

So as 2016 is almost to an end I am going to be making some changes in the new year. I will no longer be offering 1 HR appointments unless it is Massage. To Start getting everyone used to this I will be offering a pre-thanksgiving discount of 2HRS @350. 

I have not decided yet what my rate structure will quite be so we will start here. 

Happy Holidays! 





07 Sep, 2016

So Apparently it is hard to understand that I have a No Review policy unless you ask. So now, I am going to a straight No Review Policy. 

If you write a review without consulting  me, I will blacklist you. I have been limiting my exposure on reviews for years due to my career outside of the business. Lately it has came to my attention that my safety and discretion doesn't matter. 




Relocation Specials...

22 Jun, 2016

So I have just relocated back and have a great Private Incall in a western Suburb of Minneapolis. Until July 15th I will be offering these Relocation Specials...


350 HR Incall

300 HR Outcall

500 1.5HR

600 2HR





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Minneapolis I am Back!

30 May, 2016

Home is where the heart is. It has been a great year living in Iowa, but it is time to be back home. So, I am happy to say that I am glad to be back home. I am available to meet new friends soon. As soon as I am fully settled into city life I will be running some welcome back deals for a month. Until, let's just have fun and enjoy each other's company. 




Catch me before you can't.....

29 Apr, 2016

During the month of June I will be traveling to the East coast. When I return back to Iowa I will no longer be offering a discount in Des Moines. I will continue to grandfather in gentlemen that Are regulars or have seen me recently. So please don't miss out on the opportunity to meet with me now. 



Welcome 2016!

04 Jan, 2016

Last year was a great year. I want to thank everyone here who brought toys to help children in need. It was a humbling expierence dropping clothes, toys, hygiene products, and food off to these great people. I look forward to a great 2016 and meeting new friends. 




Holiday Specials!

14 Dec, 2015

Tis the season to give back! From December 14th- January 1st these Holiday Specials are in effect!


Option #1: 200HR No-Msog

Option #2: 250 HR MSOG


Bonus Add on: Bring an unwrapped toy or a small donation for toys for tots and be grandfathered in at this Rate!


Happy Holidays from Andrea Davis



29 Nov, 2015

Thank you all who helped. This year we were able to help 25 families with Thanksgiving Dinner. 



Tis the Season!!!

16 Nov, 2015

So as thanksgiving is coming up I am on my last leg to my journey of making sure other families get a meal. In years passed, I cooked the dinners and delivered them, this year I don't have the kitchen space. So in a last ditch effort to make sure that everyone gets a meal I will be offering a discount Nov. 16th-23rd. I will be offering 75 off hour Seductive Concierge appointments or an additional half hour. 


If I have met you before you can email or text me with"Turkey Trot" and let me know which holiday discount you will be taking advantage of. 

If I have not met with you before please fill out my reservation form and place "Turkey Trot" and the special you would like in Extras section.


Happy Holidays!


Frequent flyer!!!

15 Oct, 2015

Are you a Dsm local?

For those of you that are local please inquire about my frequent flyer discounts. These are only for gentlemen that see me on what I consider a regular basis. 


Xoxo Andrea

Let's talk about the 7 P's!

13 Sep, 2015

Proper prior planning prevents piss poor performance! 

So if you don't understand what this means I will be glad to elaborate, I am not a machine, I am a lady. I have other things going on in my life besides being who you know me as Ms. Davis. When you ask for a last minute appointment I may or may not be able to accommodate you, 24hours notice is great. Outside of this wonderful world,I am so much more. I have hobbies, interest, and a personal life. If I agree to see you please don't expect service fit for a king. As you didn't give me enough time to prepare. For those of you who know me well, you understand that I love everything that I do. I want to put 100 percent into are time together but I am not able to do that if I don't have adequate notice. 


Let's help each other out and try to give each other some notice. I am usually more flexible in the evenings than I am during the day. I do understand that this may not work for everyone, but I am also not for everyone as well. 


I hope one you all are enjoying your weekend. 

Have a blessed night,





03 Aug, 2015

I have temporarely Relocated to Des Moines, Ia. When seeing me here locally at my priate incall please enjoy these discounts.


1HR: 300

1.5 Hours: 400

2 Hours: 500


I am also aailable for doubles with Renee Couture! Email me for rates!


Taking up Golf...

25 Jun, 2015

Hello Everyone,


I know it has been a long time since I have blogged so let me tell you about what has been going on.  I have recently taken up golf. No, I am by no way a pro golfer and still a newbie. I got my first birdie this week as well as I had a really nice par hole. So if anyone is open to teaching me there is still so much I would love to learn. I don't think I am comfortable enought to do 18 holes with people that I am not very well aquainted with but a day at the driving range sounds like a blast. Please remember that most of my travels these days are by appointment basis only. If you are not local to my area I do have a minimum and I rarely do outcall for massage. I hope everyone has a great fourth of july.




Into the Shadows...

20 Apr, 2015

Hey Everyone,


I know it has been a while since I blogged so I thought I would do so today. As I si at home on my couch wih my fur babies, I contemplate the decisions I have made as a provider over the past year. For the most part, I have had no new reviews and my old habits of extensive traveling has slowed down. I hope many of you that I have connected with haven't taken this offensively. I know who I am as a woman and as a provider. I have come to understand that I am not for everyone and everyone is not for me. I have came to realize that I am fine seeing just a few gentleman that I can connect with. For me as a person having a personal connection with my clients is the best thing in the world. I love our chats and random check in text, our hang out nights of just dinner and chatting. I undertand that this is a business, but I have to stay true to myself. I enjoy meeting those that care about me just as much as I care about them. We inspire each other to be better people, friends, lovers, and companions.


Over the years I have seen many clients and providers come and go. I would like to think that when I fully retire that if I made a difference in just one persons life my job here has been accomplihed. So please be patient with me if I can't accomidate a last miniute request. I am looking for a connection with my clients and I can't always accomidate with those that I can't connect with. So if you are looking for a true connection please take the time a send me an email. If I am short with you its probably because I am at work, but I wasn't trying to put you off. For those of you who assummed I retired I am still around and I would love to recconnect with you again.


~Your Seductive Concierge

Andrea Davis



27 Feb, 2015

Due to recent events let me please clarify about my new email. If you are looking to schedule a "Andrea Davis Experince" appointment please use my new email . If you are scheduling a massage appointment your introductory emailcan be sent to my old email at

Thank you,



Massage.. Massage.. Massage

04 Feb, 2015

So I added some new massage options to my massage page. Please check them out. The King's Massage and VIP Massage are just a delightful new touch.

This is Me!

16 Jan, 2015

So today I was reading TER in the Washington DC area. I saw a post that spoke about race. A gentleman said, and I use the word lightly, "that African American women are the least beautiful and least desired providers. I was hurt to see someone be so openly racist. I know that I am not African American but it still hurts. This brings me to remind everyone that I am very proud of where I come from. I am a proud Dominican and Haitian woman. Sometimes I wish I still carried the accent that my mother does. It was music to my ears to hear her speak. When we came to the United States the first thing she did was try to give me and my siblings an equal playing field. I learned english from a teacher and not from my mother to keep from gaining an accent. When we traveled as missionaries we made sure that we kept true to American customs. We never forgot where we came from but we embraced the country that we call home.  After she passed and we were adopted we moved to a small rual town. The first thing they asked was if my brother played baseball. It was the funniest thing I had ever heard. We grew up running My mom coached and we all ran as a family. Playing on the beach as a child and while visiting family gave me my huge love of sand. My mother said she always new I was going to be a jumper. To run and jump in the sand has always been a passion of mine.

Sorry for the rant but please everyone, please understand that not all dark skinned people are African American. It hurts are fellings when you assume that we are just based on the color of are skin. We are proud of where we come from. I am not black, nor African American, I am Me!


~Your Seductive Concierge,

Andrea Davis


Plan to Make a Move...

15 Jan, 2015

So I have been contemplating it for month's and I think its time that I moved to the city. I love living in the country but I believe living in the city I will be able to better accomidate my clients. So lookout Minneapolis here I come! I look foward to be settled in by June 2015!


~Your Seductive Concierge,

Andrea Davis


Get to Know Andrea

14 Jan, 2015

Hey Guys,

So alot people want to know who I am as a person, so I thought I would take this time to tell everyone a little bit about myself. Many of you know that I am a huge Republican. I have a heart for politics as well as a heart for people. Many people take my sarcasm as being bit**y. I am far from that. I am the type of person that will give my last dollar to someone and I will go without. Many people view this as a crutch and I view it as what makes me who I am.

Becoming a provider has truly changed my life. Yes, I am a christian. Growing up with my faith made me a very judgemental person. When I entered the world of providing it really opened my eyes. I meet people from every walk of life. I saw people for who they are, people. Becoming a provider was the best thing I could have ever done. I will never sway from my core values, but instead of judging people based on there lifestyle, I now see people for who they really are. When you really get to know people you learn facinating things. I am not just a Seductive Concierge, I am a therapist, and a friend. To truly excel at what you do, you have to care about people.

Over the years I have realized that many ladies no longer care. I sometimes wonder what has changed. I do think about retiring, but the though of someone not having my ear to listen, kind words, and a little of fun, makes it worth staying. I truly can't pretend to be someone that I am not. From my faith, to my charity work, to my love of cooking this is me.

I am calling all foodies. I have a huge passion for cooking. You name it I can cook it. Now baking on the other hand, I can bake everything but cookies. I don't know why. Even if it comes from a premade cookie dough I struggle with it. I find it funny that I can make a wedding cake, or even cupcakes but I can't make simple cookies. I am so glad that cookies aren't the only

Its really late so we will have to finish this chat later.


Your Seductive Concierge,

Andrea Davis


Last Miniute Effort!

09 Dec, 2014

Holidays are a very important time of year. I know what it is to only have family. Thats not a problem when you are older but for kids that can be very sad. So besides my Holiday Rate of 300Hr I would like to offer 75 off an hour or more when you bring me a $25 walmart giftcard. I along with a few other ladies have adopted a family for the holidays and I want to make sure the children have everything they want. So lets think about all the wonderful things that we have and try to share that with those who don't have as much. So please let me know in advanced if you will be helping those less fortunate.


Happy Holidays!

Andrea Davis


New Email

14 Nov, 2014

Hey Everyone,


I just wanted to let you know that over the next few weeks I will be converting my email address. The email that I have grown to love over all these years will be no more. My new email address is

Please be patient with me as I make this transformation. 

Have a seductive day,

Andrea Davis



29 Sep, 2014

So don't forget to check out my Twitter page. I try to post a few selfies a week. You can follow me @andreadavisVIP . I am currently in Des Moines Iowa hanging out with Renee Couture. So come check us out.



So Twitter!

16 Sep, 2014

I have officially joined you can follow me at andreadavisVIP. ( @andreadavisVIP) So since I am new to Twitter I want to offer my 100 follower a date of the lifetime. Who will it be... Who know.


10 Sep, 2014

So my goal is to expand my social networking so over the next few days I am going to try to start myself a twitter account. I hope all goes well. Wish me luck!